Online UPS

GBS Power System HF series is latest state of the art Micro controller based high frequency PWM Technology UPS using IGBT for higher efficiency and greaterreliability. GBS Power System On-line isolates the critical load from any disturbance by providing complete protection against spike, surges, brown outs, voltage and frequency variation. Output of the UPS is routed.

Process Charging

World latest IGBT based smart pulse charger for enhanced battery life, reduce charging time and provides protection against overcharging and deep discharge. Battery remains coll during charges even if the ambient temprature is high and less inclined to sulfating. The user gets Maximum battery lift from the batteries.

Ultra High Isolation Transformer


Output of the UPS is routed through an Ultra High Isolation Transformer. This ensure attenuation of Common Mode Noise, correction of Ground faults, problem arising out of poor input grounding and proper Isolation of Load.

Generator Compatibility

Double Conversion Process Converts Incoming Commercial Power (AC) to DC andcontinuously deliver DC power to Inverter while batteries remain under charge. Since Incoming AC is converted to DC, UPS/CVCF can also safety operate on power provided by the Generator is places where Power Cuts are frequent and for longer period. The Regenerated Sine wavw by theInverter routed through the Isolation Transformer provides Protection to the equipment connected at the output of the UPS System.



GBS Power System SERVO STABILIZER consists of a countinuously variable auto transformer operated by an AC sreps synchronous motor, a buck-boost transformer and IC based control circuit. The control citcuit countinuously monitors the output voltage and looks for error in the output and is immediately corrected by witching on the servo motor in appropriate direction in order fro induce the required voltage through the series connected buck-boost transformer. As soon as the voltage reaches the desired level the motors is switched off. The high ang low indicators on the panel indicates the status of incoming main supply. In the manual mode the voltage could be increased or decreased by pressing the switch in either director. The output adjustment facility has been provided adjust the output voltage as per requirement. .